Sep 262012

Have you ever fasted and prayed? I’m sure you have prayed, but have you ever fasted at the same time?

My church is just entering a season of prayer and fasting (22 days) and If you attend my church or not, I thought it would be a good idea to explain why you should consider fasting to go along with your prayers.

There are many reasons to pray and fast but the main reason I do it is to connect with God, to seek His presence, to hear from Him and to tell Him that He is number 1 in my life (Ok that’s more than one reason but you get the idea)

Fasting seems to be a neglected practice generally and so there may be some uncertainty as to what it actually is. Let me briefly list out what I don’t think it is;

  • Not a diet plan (not biblical fasting anyway)
  • Not a means to twist God’s arm
  • Not a thing to brag about or impress others
  • Not a ‘religious’ exercise to gain heavenly brownie points

In its simplest form, fasting is going without food (generally) and setting the time you would prepare and eat food to praying and seeking God.

It’s such a big subject that I will tackle it over a number of blogs, looking at the biblical reasons and examples, different forms, how to do it, what we can gain etc

It doesn’t have to be over a number of days, just missing a meal would be a good start. why not consider it? You may be surprised at the result and it won’t be as bad as you first fear.

I am going away tomorrow for a few days to the ‘Intimacy and Identity – Father Heart Conference” in Bedford and so I shall try to write a review about that before continuing with my fasting series next week.

God bless

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