Nov 142014

What shall I doI thought I would have a break from writing a blog this week. I have been writing a weekly blog now for about 2½ years, totalling 139 blogs. If you haven’t been following me from the beginning, you may find it interesting to take a look at some of my previous blogs which can be found in my archive (see above menu). Alternatively, you could choose a subject you are interested in from the tag list on the right hand side and see what comes up.

I would really appreciate some suggestions for future blogs. Is there something within Christianity that you don’t quite understand or something from the bible that has always puzzled you? It could be that you would like me to explore a certain subject, or you may like some ideas for a talk you are preparing. Why not put a suggestion in the box below? I can’t make any promises but I’ll try and give it my best shot.

Anyway, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blogs and I hope you have found them useful. I hope to hear from you.

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  1. Have found your blogs very helpful. You put yourself on the line by them, which is brave, because in my experience once you share with others you very soon get challenged to see where one stands in that area!
    I have been listening to some teaching about what happens when we die and asking ‘is there a second chance?’ The teacher ends up by saying there is no second chance. So I am wondering what you think. What do you make of the teaching of Jesus about the goats and the sheep? To me is says that no human being can judge who will end up being received into heaven and must leave it to the Author and finisher of our faith. After all, to me His teaching shows the God is just and it would not be just if someone died who truly had not actually rejected Jesus because he had never understood whilst alive. Surely we must have a chance to choose to accept or reject.So perhaps it is possible during the passing from this life into the next and to judgement that a chance is given? This kind of thing.
    Well Adrian you did ask for suggestions! Shirley

    • Good comment Shirley. I know what my initial reaction is but I will wait for a couple of weeks to give a considered response. Next time I am planning to talk about what happens when we disagree with the bible which will then lead quite nicely into questions such as yours. Anyway, thanks for contributing, I appreciate it. God bless. Adrian

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