Apr 132012

I love to download sermons onto my MP3 player and listen to them while shopping or on lunch breaks etc. I call it ‘redeeming my time.’ Well I was very excited when I discovered that the trust set up to distribute Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones recordings has now decided to release 1600 sermons by the ‘good doctor’ for download free of charge! This is an opportunity not to be missed. I cannot vouch for the recording quality yet, but they are free, so why not click on this link, sign up and have a listen and you will hear what all the fuss is about.


For those that haven’t heard of him, Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones was considered one of the greatest preachers of the last century. He lived between 1899 and 1981, he was a medical doctor as well as a preacher and his main ministry was at a very famous church in London called Westminster Chapel where he ministered for almost 30 years. He was so famous in Christian circles that I bet if you went up to someone in your church, say, over the age of 40 (and has been a Christian for a while) and talked about ‘The doctor’ they would know exactly who you were talking about!

His ministry was characterised by clear, systematic teaching and preaching of the Bible, and it was this that earned him the respect and affection of many throughout the world.

If you hear any sermons of his that speak to you, why not leave a comment in the box below and share what you have learned.

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