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Science v ChristianityI have been going through a series for a while now on the subject of ‘apologetics’ and even the recent blogs on the resurrection come into this category. Apologetics is a defence of the Christian faith. Lots of people try to find fault with Christianity by arguing about God himself, the bible, creation and many other aspects and apologetics is a way to counter arguments using logic and sound reasoning. Just before Easter we looked at various arguments for the existence of God and a lot of these arguments involved science. Modern atheists will try to use the argument that you can’t believe in science and Christianity at the same time. They will say that they are incompatible. I wanted to write a few lines this week to refute that argument.

Firstly, Christians do not need to be fearful about Science, in fact we believe in an intelligent God who created the universe in an orderly way. One of the reasons science works is because the vast amount of things that scientists study behave in a consistent way. If matter changed all the time and was erratic, you wouldn’t be able to perform scientific studies and be confident of the results. It was this fascination with the world that God created that has caused scientists throughout history to want to discover more. Throughout history, a huge amount of scientists (who were also Christians) have made amazing discoveries. People such as; Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton and Boyle and many, many others. Even today there are eminent scientists who are Christians and who hold key roles in the scientific community. This is obviously not conclusive proof, but it is clear that it is not a black and white choice between Christianity and science as some would believe.

There has actually never been a time in all of history when the discoveries of science have backed up the existence of God more than now. For example, for many centuries Christians were struggling to explain why in Genesis chapter 1 it says that light was created before the sun, surely that must be a mistake. Well of course this could just be poetic, but it could be explained by the light in verse 3 being the ‘big bang’ which has only been a recent scientific discovery. What we do have to remember is that the bible never claims to be a scientific textbook and that may be the cause of some people’s problems.

I think though, the problem is not science but scientism, which are subtly different. Scientism says we should only believe what can be scientifically proven. But when you think about it that statement itself cannot be scientifically proven so you are in problems from the start.

Science answers many of the questions we have about life, but it is silly to say that only science can answer all of these questions. There are many other ways to learn apart from science, such as philosophically or through history. I intend to explore this subject a little further when we look at the whole aspect of ‘miracles’ which are not anti-science as some would have you believe, but that’s for next week.

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  1. Hi Adrian,
    The so called ‘Big Bang’ was not discovered, it was theorised so as to do away with God as creator. Many, many secular scientists see it as a failed hypothesis because it has too many problems.
    Science (observable, repeatable, testable science) does indeed support the Bible. For instance there is a huge amount of evidence that supports a global flood as described in the Bible.
    As to light before the sun, not a problem and certainly no mistake. By doing things that way round it demonstrates that all is dependant on God and from God alone.
    I’m in too much pain to go into more detail at the moment, but needless to say, if God says He created things in that order then that is exactly what He did.

    • Hi Glenn, thanks for your comments. I love it when people comment. The reason I mentioned the ‘big bang’ was because this is a theory that many people do ascribe to. I don’t necessarily agree with it, I just didn’t want it to be a stumbling block. They don’t have to make the choice between God or the ‘big bang’. I personally believe that Genesis 1 is six literal days but there are other Christians who I respect who have different views. It is not something I am prepared to argue about. God bless you Glenn, I pray God will heal your pain. Ade

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