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Les miserablesLiz and I had the opportunity to go to the cinema together last week (quite a rare occurrence) as she was keen to see Les Miserables. As a Christian I thought it had a really interesting story which I would like to share with you, but don’t worry-I’m not going to give away the plot! I was quite intrigued by it; I knew the stage show was a musical but I hadn’t realised that the film was too. It came as quite a shock for me to see Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Maximus Decimus (Russell Crowe) having a sing-off in the opening scene. I half expected the claws to come out!

I’m really not a fan of musicals. To me it seems so unnatural for people to suddenly burst into song in every situation they find themselves in. I was determined however to embrace the film come what may and I’m glad I did. You soon get used to the singing and actually appreciate how cleverly it is all put together, with people singing different parts simultaneously yet all in harmony with each other.

What struck me most about this film was the very obvious investigation into the conflict between legalism and grace and how different people react and respond in different ways. The story briefly is about a criminal who experiences extraordinary grace (probably the part of the film I found most emotional). He experiences this grace on a personal level and he then takes every opportunity to extend that grace to others. Legalism is shown in the person of a policeman who cannot accept that a person can change and is determined that the law be fulfilled to the letter.

The film is also an exploration into injustice; one of the main characters had been condemned to 19 years hard labour for stealing a loaf of bread to feed a starving relative, whilst another character is victimised by work colleagues to such an extent that she loses her job and is forced into prostitution. Injustice is a constant theme in many Hollywood films; it psychologically causes a stirring of a sort of righteous indignation which in turn creates an emotional attachment to the characters, (hence the shares in Kleenex rocketing over the last few weeks-I suspect the reason the film was so loud was to the muffle the sound of sobbing!)

This would be an excellent film to take your non Christian friends to see as it creates a fantastic opportunity to discuss with them the grace that God extends to us through Jesus Christ.

I would love to know what you thought of the film; please drop a comment in the box below.

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  1. Couldn’t have summed it up any better myself. Such a great film for discussion. Although I was already a huge fan of musicals, so didn’t find that side of it a distraction.

    • Claire, I thought you would be, not a surprise!! I already like the sound of music, so now that is two… perhaps I am changing, Liz will be pleased.

  2. I think the part where the policeman is released by the barricades and his subsequent feelings following that really backs up what happens when we forgive people who have wronged us. It’s we who become free………

    I agree that there is a christian undertone running through the film.

    It also confirms that what God puts into our hands ( Cossette) we must hold lightly, and always have our palms open for when that season is over.

    Love your blogs by the way.

    • Bonnie. Thank you so much for the encouragement, really appreciated. I enjoy writing and really hope people can get something to think out of my musings. Agree with your comments about the film. Lots of things to think about. I must watch it again!!

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