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From time to time, while I’m surfing the internet or looking at twitter, I happen upon some articles that I find interesting and I consider worth sharing, so I thought “Why not share them with my readers……both of them”

I will probably do this on a regular basis (unless you beg me to stop!)

I hope you enjoy them…

This one was about a recent law passed in Tennessee that allowed Evolution to be questioned in school. Quite a short article but worth a look


This is the New Frontiers theology blog so well worth visiting regularly. This one was sent to me by a person who knew I would find it interesting and she was right. The question was “Is there too much grace in your gospel?” Thought provoking


This one I foolishly started reading late at night and it got me so excited I had to leave a comment. I had not heard of this chap before but clicked on a link sent by Adrian Warnock (whose blogs I enjoy as well) I was fascinated by the title and was excited to see someone else who shares the same viewpoint as me on the subject of ‘Paul’s thorn in the flesh’ You may not agree with it, but he does put forward a well constructed argument


I’ve also been listening to some Martyn Lloyd Jones sermons as they have just become available (see one of my previous posts) He takes a bit of getting used to, with his old school English\Welsh accent, especially as I’ve been listening recently to American preachers like Mark Driscoll and Matt Chandler, quite a culture shock! Once you get tuned in you hear expositional preaching at its very best. It’s well worth the effort.

Finally, and totally off subject because it’s my blog and I guess I can do what I like 😉

There seems to be a real battle going on in the whole realm of healing. I’m quite staggered at how many friends and acquaintances have suffered recently from unexpected illnesses to themselves or family members. It seems that not a day goes by without hearing of something else happening. On the flip side I have heard a number of testimonies of people getting healed very recently. Someone  Liz and I had prayed for a few weeks back came up to me on Sunday and told me of their healing, which was quite significant. Then just yesterday a friend with a long standing acute back problem was telling me how he was prayed for last Sunday and feels loads better, praise God!

I want to encourage you to push through. My feeling is that the enemy is trying to discourage us with illness and sicknesses, but he’s a defeated foe. Jesus is alive and he is healing today and more so than ever. To Him be the glory. I’m going to try to gather a few testimonies together and put them on my ‘blessings’ page, but feel free to add your own to encourage other readers.

My next blog in a couple of days will be continuing my series on discipleship and will focus on ‘confession’.

God bless


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  1. Evolution (molecules to man) is a huge area of attack on Christianity
    A lot of Christians seem completely unaware that it is a ‘religion’ whose only
    purpose is to do away with God.
    Hence Theistic Evolutionism is an oxymoron almost without parallel.
    Emminent evolutionists are amazed and disgusted at the level of compromise by some of those calling themselves Christian. Of course many of those same evolutionists are happy to point to those who compromise as proof that the two can co-exist.
    A travesty of huge implications.

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