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If God then whatHave you ever asked yourself “What is the meaning of life?” Wondered about the secret to life, the universe and everything? Why are atheists so sure there is no God and categorically deny His existence? Why are many others so sure that He does exist?

Andrew Wilson is one of my favourite preachers and writers and is a very gifted communicator. In his latest book “If God then what?” he helps us to think through the huge questions of life; the sort of questions that get filtered out through the ‘white noise’ of everyday life and our busy schedules; questions that seem so big that we dare not tackle them.

Through his own (often amusing) experiences, and using modern metaphors of film, media, popular culture and history, Andrew walks us through 10 questions that he considers helpful “…if we’re ever wondering about truth, origins and redemption…” and how we find meaning in Life.

The first few chapters are about fundamentalism, knowledge, and how and where ideas come from. He travels through science and philosophy asking questions such as “how do we know things”,” how did we get here” and “how did the universe start”? In the second half of the book he proceeds to ask questions such as “what is wrong with the world, and what could be the answer?” He follows the argument that the existence of God is at least possible, and if that is the case, what would it mean for us?

We finally look at the ‘evidence’ for the resurrection of Jesus and how this one event in history, if true, has huge ramifications for the whole of mankind.

This book is a refreshing take on the whole subject of apologetics (presenting a rational basis for the Christian faith and defending it against objections). It takes the reader through logical arguments that are never ‘preachy’, using excellent and helpful illustrations.

I found this book extremely interesting, so much so that I read it within a week – amazing for a really slow reader like me! I found it hard to put down on occasions as I followed the flow of the author’s arguments. It will certainly get your ‘little grey cells’ firing better than caffeine, so I wouldn’t suggest reading it last thing at night. Andrew appears intelligent and well read but I would say that this book is very clear and accessible, especially for non-academics (again like me!).

When I first found the book on Amazon I was intrigued to read that the first review was written by an atheist who regularly reads books written by people he disagrees with. I thought “oh no, here we go”, but after trying to find problems and holes in Andrew’s arguments, he came to the conclusion that it was ‘disappointingly good’, a backhanded compliment if ever I’ve heard one. He even recommends it as a good book for those looking for a book on apologetics.

In my opinion this is an excellent book for Christians to give reasons for what they believe, and for non-Christians to why they should believe. So once you’ve read it, why not buy a copy for your friends who are seeking answers too?

You can buy the book by clicking on the link below. Just to be totally transparent, if you buy through these links I will receive a tiny commission. Thanks

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