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Part of my reason for writing the last two blogs on the subject of the Holy Spirit is because I want to have a deeper encounter with Him and let Him work more freely in my life.

The further I progress in my Christian life the more I realise I cannot achieve anything on my own. I need God’s power. My reliance on Him increases rather than decreases. In the timing of God I have recently attended a conference called “Heaven touches earth” at a church called ‘Kings Arms’ in Bedford (UK).

The main speaker was Andres Bisonni, an Argentinean currently residing in Houston, Texas. He travels to many countries around the world where he speaks at miracle crusades and revival services, seeing the power of God impacting people through signs, wonders and miracles. I have included a video and a link to his website at the bottom of this post.

I had the privilege of travelling with three friends and they have given me permission to include their experiences here.

My life has been impacted by this conference in a wonderful way; I have an even greater hunger for God and I would like to share with you some of my experiences and thoughts. My desire is that through them, your desire for God’s power would increase, your walk with Jesus would be more intimate and you will make a difference where you live and work.

From the outset I was impressed by Andres’ simple faith. He believes God and expects him to turn up. I loved the way he gently prayed for people and stood back as he watched the Holy Spirit minister to them.

The conference seemed to increase in intensity throughout the 3 days as we enjoyed wonderful times soaking in a lovely mix of exuberant and intimate worship. When Andres spoke it wasn’t for very long, and we were soon encountering God’s Spirit as he would make his way around the room praying for people, with many falling over and clearly being touched by the Holy Spirit. Probably the most powerful meeting, for me, was on the Friday night; there was a strong emphasis on healing and many people were healed and touched by God. We saw several significant healings including improved eyesight, mended broken backs, healed arches in feet and many other wonderful touches from God. Much time was given to hearing numerous emotional testimonies from people who have experienced God’s healing in their lives, made apparent by demonstrations of things they can do now, which they were unable to do before.

Some of the key thoughts and experiences I want to share with you are:

1. How impressed I was with the welcome and serving teams at Kings Arms Church. We were greeted with a huge smile and a handshake and everybody went out of their way to help. A great first impression to a visitor.

2. It’s so important to celebrate good news. Every report of a healing or God’s blessing was met with exuberant shouts of joy and standing ovations. We need to celebrate everything God does, however small, and build a ‘culture of honour’.

3. Sometimes we can analyse too much. If we are convinced by scripture we need to stop analysing and simply believe.

4. I am more convinced than ever that ‘Word’ and ‘Spirit’ need to be brought together. Interestingly, Andres stated that many Hindu converts were not convinced by teaching but by miracles; they then went on to study the word, but only after a power encounter. We need word and spirit in our preaching, ministry and worship.

5. Our main aim is to pursue a relationship with Jesus, not signs and wonders. God performs signs, wonders & miracles through those who know His heart. Pursue the giver not the gift.

6. God often uses other people to impart His Holy Spirit (e.g. through the laying on of hands). Andres made this point through the story of Elisha pursuing Elijah up until the moment he was taken up to heaven.

7. We won’t always agree with a person or ministry, but we must be careful not to dismiss them out of hand. We have much to learn from many different ministries and we run the danger of missing out if we let pride get in and blind us to what God is saying.

Finally, how great it is to travel and spend time with good Christian brothers who are an encouragement and a blessing, offering friendship and accountability.


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