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This week I want to celebrate God’s gift of healing. We have seen quite a few people healed in our church recently and I think it is so important to celebrate what God has done to increase our faith and see even more miraculous things happen. My good friend Martin experienced a really significant healing in his life and he agreed to share it with you. Read on…..

Hello my name is Martin and I want to tell you about how God healed me a couple of weeks ago following years of pain. I am now pain free and can testify to what Jesus has done.

My background is in the building trade.  As with all manual work my back was being put through strain which, without realising it, was causing irreparable damage to my lower spine. Just over ten years ago I found out what the phrase “the straw that broke the camel’s back” really meant. I merely bent down to pick up my young son’s sock and my back simply disintegrated. I was in agony and unable to move. What followed were years of hospital and doctor visits and a prescription of numerous tablets and pain killers, which I have been taking ever since. I had to have pins put in my back to support it which caused immobility, pain and discomfort on a daily basis. I took so many pills every day that I should have been rattling like a child’s toy!  Although this cocktail of prescription drugs deadened the pain there were many other side effects causing further discomfort to my body.

A couple of weeks ago we had a visiting speaker come to our church who has seen many  successes as he has prayed for people, both  in church and on the streets, to receive healing in Jesus’ name. He asked all those with bad backs to raise both arms above their heads. This should have been something I would have struggled to do (and indeed haven’t been able to do since the problems started with my back) as the strain on my lower spine would have stopped me. However, I raised both my arms above my head and I felt something physically move in my back.  It felt better but I couldn’t tell fully whether the pain had gone until the effects of the regular pills I was taking had worn off.

That was nearly 3 weeks ago.  The supply of tablets that I should have started the next week is still sitting in the chemist waiting to be picked up!

I am in no doubt that God has healed me as the pain since that time has totally gone. These are early days but I am enjoying discovering what I can now do with my back without the expectation of pain. I am shortly going to go back to the doctor to have some tests, but even if nothing dramatic shows up on the x-ray, I know that I am now pain free.  I want to thank Jesus for what he has done in me through physical healing, and also in so many other areas of my life. I am a living testimony that Jesus still heals today and I hope that this testimony gives you encouragement and faith for your healing, or for those you know who are sick.

I will be adding this testimony to my ‘blessings’ page. Why not have a look and consider sharing the blessings God has done in your life. It doesn’t have to be a major healing; it may be just a scripture that God has blessed you with.

God bless   Adrian

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