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Father heartLast week I went to a conference in Bedford (UK) organised by ‘The Kings Arms’ church. It was entitled “Intimacy & Identity – Father Heart Conference”. They have been running these conferences for a number of years, but this is the first one I have attended.

Following my experience in June at the ‘Heaven Touches Earth’ Conference held at the same venue, I was really looking forward to this visit. (Click here to see my report of that event). I wasn’t disappointed!

I was especially blessed because I had the joy of attending with my wife this time and so we were able to share the experience together. We were also joined by another 8 members of my church and it was lovely to spend time with them and get to know them better. I find Sunday mornings so busy – it was nice to be able to chill out with others away from that setting and start to get to know people properly.

We had some lovely times of extended worship mainly led by guest worship leader Lyn Swart from the Ivy Church in Manchester.

The main speaker was James Jordan, a New Zealander from Father Heart Ministries. He took some getting used to as to my mind he said a few things during the first session that I couldn’t really agree with. He also had a story telling style which was, shall we say, ‘light’ on biblical exegesis. I did however find myself warming to him as the conference went on. His passion was that we should know God as Father and this message is of vital importance for all of us. It is to change our understanding, our perspectives, motivation and experience of how we relate to God.

My favourite session was actually a seminar entitled ‘overhauling your quiet time’, excellently led by Phil & Carol Wilthew. I could listen to them all day and actually couldn’t wait to get back and overhaul my own quiet times (which to be honest have been pretty dry of late). I found it all very inspiring.

I was touched again by the warmth and friendliness of all who serve at Kings Arms, their attention to detail and the way they honoured with heartfelt applause all who contributed. This is something I would love to see replicated in every church.

I am looking forward to getting the downloads when they come out and I would encourage you, wherever you are at, to seek God as Father and to get to know Him in a deeper way. His arms are always open.

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  1. Ade, please link the downloads for me, thanks.

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