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CreationI still want to look at a couple more subjects in my series on apologetics, but I just wanted to finish the more scientific type posts on the subject of creation. I am keen to highlight and underline this subject as scientific because I know that many people in the scientific community are dismissive of even the thought of God.

I’m afraid I’m probably going to anger those people even more because this week I’m talking about ‘Young earth creation.’ I’m going to define this even further and call it ‘biblical creation’ I know that Old earth creationists will call their beliefs biblical creation as well, but I beg to differ as their arguments are simply too contrived.

Biblical creation starts with God and what He reveals about himself in the bible and from that starting point we seek to understand science.

Biblical creation is mentioned many times in the bible both in the Old and the New Testaments. But the foundational thoughts are focused in the first few chapters of Genesis which explain how God created the universe and everything contained in it. I understand that some of it is written poetically, but that shouldn’t mean that we totally rewrite the meaning of the text.

Biblical creation asserts that God created all things within 6 literal, 24 hour days. As you might imagine this has been hotly disputed. A lot of the arguments centre around the Hebrew word ‘yom’ which can indeed mean a different period of time, but in most cases simply means a day. It seems to me that the account in Genesis 1 is referring to days because it also mentions morning and evening.

Another reason why it is referring to a normal day is because God rested on the 7thday. Now God doesn’t need to rest at all, but he wanted to institute a rest day for his people to bless them and so He chose the seventh day (see Exodus 20:8-11)

These are just 2 arguments, but there are many others, which I cannot go into now for the sake of time.

If you accept that the bible was referring to 6 literal days, that means that the earth is somewhere between 6-10,000 years old. This is worked out by looking at the various historical events and many lists of genealogies listed in the bible.

This leaves many people with a problem with why the earth looks older than that, given geology, the fossil record etc. These problems can be explained by a worldwide flood at the time of Noah as recorded in Genesis 6 & 7. It is likely that the earth looked extremely different before the flood, with a huge canopy of water surrounding the earth (Psalm 104:6). At that time there were possibly no large mountains or oceans. The effect of this water covering the earth would have caused massive upheaval in the earth’s surface and it is this catastrophic event which caused the formation of mountains and oceans. This is consistent with how the earth is structured today and also the fossil record.

This may seem utterly amazing to imagine, but you have to consider that none of us were around at the time and so we just cannot prove anything by pure science (i.e. a repeatable experiment). So we are left with two main choices; One being evolution (which is highly problematic as we saw 2 weeks ago) and the other creation, which involves trusting what God says in His word. I know which one I choose to believe.

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