About me


Hello my name is Adrian, welcome to my blog. I thought you may like to know a little about me.

I was born and brought up in Hastings (In the UK) you may not have heard of Hastings, (possibly the battle in 1066) but you will be very familiar with a product that was invented here, the Television.

I became a Christian as a young boy in the early seventies at a church conference in Somerset. I studied catering as a career and worked in a few London hotels for 5 years. In 1989 I moved back down to Hastings and became a Civil Servant, working in an office which now involves fixing peoples computers. I joined Kings Church Hastings when I moved back to Hastings where I have been a member every since. Kings church is part of a family of churches called New Frontiers. I played drums for a long time and then moved to the front, picking up my guitar and leading worship. I am now part of the leadership team which involves leading a community group, leading meetings and helping with pastoral issues as a deacon. I have recently started preaching on a number of occasions.

I am married to a gorgeous wife called Liz and we have two equally gorgeous children Katy who was born in 2001 and Thomas who was born in 2003 Thankfully they mostly inherit the genes of their mother!!





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